About me

Hi! I am Ricka.  I have been living in Canada since my big boy was 6 months old.  It is quite challenge to have a new life & new baby, especially living in cold weather country.
I am jewelry designer, wife and mother of two, I really enjoy capturing pictures since i moved  here, crafting and reading becoming my habit.  Two years ago, my little one was born, she made me really to capture our little life, i started to blog in 2009 and last year I encouraged myself to start my handmade studio "4Rcom",  usually i would like to use different kind of materials making accessories such as fabric, metal, clay, and also i have a plan to make some handmade living as well.  I  know it will take too much time to do this process.  I do really like to enjoy this moment and share with my family.   It is my dream, leaping up big step and moving forward, i hope this coming year will be creative & productive year.